Oakley B1B grips have been reissued!

When I found out what Oakley was right around the time I was in 5th grade while growing up in So. Cal, I was all about it. It was part of beach culture and athletics. Surfers, skateboarders, BMX’ers and Redsand or Sideout-clad beach volleyball players wearing Blades, Razors and Razor blades. Starting in 6th grade, I fell in love with the Frogskins and even had Oakley black & grey grips on my Mongoose BMX that I saved my money for and bought from the Bicycle Source in Torrance, CA. That place probably closed down in the late 90’s. (yes…my grips had donuts too. If you know what those are…wow.)

Enough storytime…

Oakley B1B’s are back. Throw them on the handlebars of your BMX or your fixie.

Cop ’em here!

Photos by:  soakvskaos.com

Seriously…I loved my Frogskins. To prove it here’s a pic of me in 1992 in France on a church trip in my Crystal-clear-framed ‘skins with the Purple Iridium lenses. I was 13 years old I think. —- VTB


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