We lost a good one today…

Victim to a garage door. If you have a frame or know of any decent (no Mongoose, Huffy, Tony Hawk, etc.) frame that Shawn could buy or have to replace this fallen beauty, leave a comment below.


5 Responses to “We lost a good one today…”

  1. oohthunderwing Says:

    holy crap! garage door?!?! brutal!

  2. Yeah, he hasn’t had it more than a month!

  3. oohthunderwing Says:

    sucko! what kinda frame was it? i cant tell

  4. houseofpain247 Says:

    yeeaaaahh…that WAS a brand new Kilo TT frame. I really liked it

  5. oohthunderwing Says:

    bummer! better snatch up a new frame!

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