Welcome to the team, Josh

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to The Damn rascals first and only (ever) sponsored pro, Joshua Monteith*.We sat down with Josh and got this little interview.

DR: Josh, you were just named The Damn Rascals first and only Pro. When you got this news were you very excited or extremely excited?

Josh: How do you put into words when all your dreams come true? I was overjoyed. I immediately called my dad and told him the good news, He said “with great power comes great responsibility” and I think I know what he means. I am the sole representative of the rascals. Thats why I got this DR neck tattoo yesterday.

DR: Yeah, that is a big tattoo! What kind of bike do you ride?

Josh: Whatever Jordan tells me to ride. Today he said “why don’t you ride that mongoose?” So I did.

DR: What does the future hold for you and the DR?

Josh: The sky’s the limit. I’ve been working on my own line of mustache scarves that will be in the fall line. Pretty excited about that.

DR: any last thought.

Josh: Just that I love the Rascals so much! I love their musk. I love riding with them, everything! If you ever ask me if I love the Rascals and I say no, don’t believe me. No matter how enthusiastic I am about my disdain for them, don’t believe me. I love the rascals and I’m just trying not to blow them up.

Welcome to the team Josh!

*joshua monteith in no way is sponsored by the rascals.


One Response to “Welcome to the team, Josh”

  1. oohthunderwing Says:

    huzzah! and a very merry un-sponsorship!! haha

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