Bike Song. Ronson. Spankrock. Falconer. Boom!

A good video always gets me hyped. I’m tired of seeing “clubby” videos with bottles of Patron or some other high-priced liquor being poured on some “video girl” that’s stretched out on a bar while Mr. Fake-MC is mumbling the words to a poor rap that he barely wrote that makes no sense and uses alot of ‘uhhhhhhggggs’ and expletive filler-words while throwing money at his entourage of lurkers 20-deep just trying to sway to the beat behind him. Fake a$$ hip hop. Sorry…I was losing it for a second on bad hip-hop. (*for the record I LOVE hip-hop, just not that stuff)

This one by Ronson/Spankrock/Falconer is NOT one of those.

Now I want to ride my bike.


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