The Gentleman / Bicyclist card

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This is one of our favorites. When you order this tee online, you choose which side of the card you want upright. Whether you feel more like a gentleman, or a bicyclist, we’ve got you covered.

Order it here:


Hey Dig it…

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Once again The DR has made a handful of t-shirts for your enjoyment. This year we are changing up our format a little. On the first day of each month we will release 2 t-shirts. they will be available in our store for the remainder of the month. On the last day of the month we will print only the amount of orders we have received. The t’s will be numbered and shipped the following week. Once a t-shirt is printed that color-way will be retired. So you are guaranteed to have a unique t-shirt that no-one else will have. If you want to get your hands on these new tee’s before June 30th you can come to our first ride of the summer where you can purchase one of these new ones before they go in the vault.

Order it here:

…and to think it all started with BMX grips.

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Thanks for the insider’s POV, Defgrip…

The humble beginnings of a “grip and goggle” company.

Bicycle Typogram by Aaron Kuehn

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Aaron Kuehn’s Bicycle Typogram.


The best of both worlds. Rapha. Denim. Hooray.

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Go here for more awesome info: Available February 2011 through the Rapha online shop.

These have so many cool details! It makes me all tingly:)

Affinity Cycles meets Kenzo Minami’s art.

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This video is great. The bike is insane.

Much respected Affinity Cycles out of Brooklyn, NY teams up with their city-mate, digital/graphic/fashion artist who is well known for his own line, other works with Nike, Kidrobot, Raf Simons, Mercedes Benz and many others: Kenzo Minami originally out of Kobe, Japan.


Affinity x Kenzo Minami – “Digitizer”
A Cinecycle Production

Get it here —-> Wired.

Watching the build is cool in this video. Watching the rider after the build is done is a little awkward if you ask me:)

Artsy Storage. Or Store your art?

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Graphic designer turned object and furniture-designer, Chris Bringham found a simple and aesthetically-pleasing solution to bike storage in your small apartment or home. For now he calls it the Bike Shelf. Suspended with a steel rod for support, the shelf has a cleat for your bicycle and enough space for books or odds and ends above. Bringham’s furniture typically has detail driven features and inventive options for many of life’s needs.

So if you think your bike is art as well…this is a good option for you to show it off. You better wipe down your rig/whip once in a while:)


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